Within myself


Mirrors are looking at me and my image is floating in mirrors.False reflection from inside me and captured me which brings a world full of conflict to my eyes.The eyes with nothing behind them . The eyes filled with nothing except shadow of sadness.I’m lost in the sea full of images. Which mirror shows my true self ? Which mirror sets me free?
I close my eyes, my inside mirror starts shining . The mirror which shows the truth about me. The truth which always has been  forgotten in reality.He would talk to me, he would take me to a faraway place.A trip from myself to myself , from outside to inside , from darkness to light.
I would travel with him. I would let myself go.Shadows(of sadness) will leave me alone and I will be filled with light.I would turn in to a transparent mirror. The universe is reflected inside me and I would be extended as width as universe. All conflicts are gone one by one until I experience unity inside me and I experience peace inside and outside me. That is when the secret of life flow on my soul and spirit and then I would reborn. A birth to eternity, a birth within myself.